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Hi, welcome to Mi Store Benelux! We have been an official retailer of Xiaomi within the Benelux since 2019.
Our very first flagship store opened in Rotterdam on October 2, 2020 with more locations planned in the future.

Xiaomi and Mi Store Benelux strive to make quality products accessible to everyone by offering their products for an accessible price.
We believe it is important to continuously refine and improve products to create the best possible user experience.



Mi Store Benelux has a wide range of Smartphones, IoT (Internet of Things) and accessories. Think of smart home products, power banks, backpacks, suitcases, electric scooters, bicycles and much more! Curious about our products? Take a look at our decision aid!

All our products are shipped from our warehouse in Almere and delivered to your home within three working days within the Benelux.


Interested in a collaboration?

Send an email to: mi.store.nl@techllife-group.com

Questions and Comments

Do you have questions or comments for us? We can be contacted via:
E-mail: mi.store.nl@techllife-group.com